Is a full service immersive agency advising on strategy and implementation of the entire spectrum of Extended Reality technologies

We are a team of experts in the area with a proven track record



We dream of a world where users interact with information naturally and seamlessly

We are passionate about developing revolutionary XR applications across industries and media channels

Our work has been shown and appreciated at the TriBeCa Film Festival, Future of Storytelling and at VRLA. We were also shortlisted for the Innovation Lions Award at the Cannes Film Festival. We have worked with leading brands such as MTV, Discovery Channel, AMC, AMD, Unity, RAM Trucks and Oculus in creating and successfully delivering XR content

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
— Albert Einstein

Our Specialty

Extended Reality (XR) is a new way to display and interact with information. XR is natural and intuitive, yet it is different from traditional mediums. The ability to perceive data spatially and in three dimensions opens the door of possibilities to new types of user experiences. XR allows users to step into interactive experiences and bring digital interactivity to the real world

Guided Dreams is a full service XR agency that helps businesses define a clear XR strategy, produce impactful virtual content and effectively distribute it

Reality-Virtuality Continuum



augmented reality

As the digital world grows, physical screens limit our ability to interact with data

AR allows us to merge virtual objects into the real world and bypass the limitations of the physical world by adding digital interactivity


virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the most immersive subcategory on the Extended Reality spectrum. By simulating environments and interactions we can craft how users perceive and engage with reality.

These interactions and responses can subsequently monitored, analyzed and documented.



360 video

Today, 360 video is the most effective way to document real world events. Since major video hosting platforms and social media support 360 video, it is accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone, computer or tablet

Interactive 360 video helps bring realism to a responsive application. It is the best option for developing “gamified” real world simulations for training and entertainment



Machine learning

Machine Learning is a method of data analysis which provides computers with an ability to improve their performance without additional input from an operator

It is an essential element for building intelligent and adaptive applications